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The practice of family law includes far more than divorce cases. A well-rounded family law practice such as that of GOLDSTEIN Divorce & Family Law Group can handle any type of legal challenge pertaining to the family. When legal issues arise that affect the well-being of your family, it is time to contact someone like Allan Goldstein—a family lawyer with the experience and legal knowledge to advise you not only about divorce and separation, but about any type of family law matter.

Divorce and Separation

Divorce and separation are two of the most common family law issues where a lawyer’s services are required. A divorce goes beyond the simple dissolution of a marriage, and a separation is often the beginning of a number of difficult decisions that will have to be made. The legal negotiations and proceedings related to divorce and separation can be confusing and stressful without the aid of a good lawyer. Allan Goldstein is committed to providing you with top level legal representation throughout your separation process, including all of the related matters regarding your children: child custody and access, support and visitation, and parenting plans. He can also advise you and help protect your rights in matters related to property division, spousal support (alimony), and even restraining orders. Allan Goldstein and his team strive to provide every client with the best possible outcome at a reasonable fee.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is another subject that falls within the parameters of family law. Whether you have been the victim of abuse or are facing allegations that you have been abusive, you need experienced legal counsel on your side. You need a lawyer who is not afraid to advocate for you in court and do whatever is necessary to protect your legal rights. Allan Goldstein has extensive experience representing clients who are dealing with matters of domestic violence; he understands the complex psychological and emotional issues involved in domestic violence, and how those difficult dynamics intersect with complex areas of law. Call today to schedule your consultation and find out how he can help you and your family move through this difficult experience.

Child Protection

Child protection matters are also an important topic in family law. If the Children’s Aid Society, Catholic Children’s Aid Society, Jewish Family and Child Services or Native Family and Child Services have become involved in your family’s life, it is time to seek aggressive legal representation. Your lawyer can help you understand the role of these agencies and advise you about your rights and your options. A qualified, competent family lawyer will be able to deal with CAS cases efficiently, advocating for your family’s rights. The GOLDSTEIN Divorce & Family Law Group has experience advising many clients about child protection issues; call us today to schedule a consultation.

When choosing a family law professional, you should also consider your lawyer’s approach to family law; you want a lawyer who will explore multiple avenues and solutions to your family’s challenges, and can seek alternatives to messy and expensive courtroom litigation. Many families find that mediation and other alternative dispute resolution tools can provide a faster and more peaceful means of resolving your family’s legal issues. Allan Goldstein offers mediation services and can work to achieve sensible solutions that are fair and tailored to your family’s unique needs.

The Toronto family lawyers of the GOLDSTEIN Divorce & Family Law Group are committed to protecting your rights and helping you find solutions for your most difficult family law issues. They have extensive experience in family law, and have earned their place among the most respected and sought-after divorce lawyers in the Toronto, Mississauga, and Brampton areas. Allan Goldstein is committed to staying available and in good communication with his clients, returning calls and messages promptly and providing clear and sound advice every step of the way. The firm will work to resolve your case efficiently without sacrificing the level of quality you need from your law firm. The process begins with a telephone consultation,

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