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Restraining Orders/Child Protection

My partner has been abusive to me and I am scared. What can I do?

If you are the victim of domestic violence, it is crucial that you plan for your departure from the relationship. Your plan should include taking the child(ren) with you. Your plan should also include where you and the child(ren) will live, how you will support yourself and the child(ren), and how will you communicate with your abuser, if at all, about the child(ren) or any other necessary matters. If you have no safe place to turn, then you may need the assistance of an emergency shelter. Most family law lawyers can connect you with an emergency shelter.

In addition to having an exit plan, you may want to have your abuser charged criminally. A criminal charge will assist your family lawyer in obtaining a restraining order for you in the family court. Before having assault charges laid, you should speak with a family law lawyer and/or a criminal lawyer for advice about how the charge will affect your case.

You should be sure to see a doctor or the emergency room of your local hospital following any episode of domestic violence. Not only must you ensure your physical health, but the doctor/hospital records will be important for your family law lawyer to have in order to obtain a restraining order.

My partner has been abusive to my child(ren), what can I do?

If your partner has been abusive to your child(ren), it is imperative that you contact a family law lawyer immediately. Your lawyer will likely advise you to leave the home with the child(ren) contact the police and start a family court application. If you are doing whatever is necessary to protect the child(ren), then a call to the Children’s Aid Society may not be necessary.

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