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“Allan Goldstein is a colleague of mine to whom I have referred many clients who have had family law issues over the course of the last 20 years or so. My clients have consistently advised me that Allan and his staff are professional, knowledgeable and do everything necessary to represent them. Moreover, given the extremely emotional issues that many family law clients are dealing with, I know that Allan and his staff communicate with and represent their clients with patience, compassion and understanding. In addition, I frequently will consult with Allan when family issues arise in the context of my work for my immigration clients. Allan has a thorough understanding of the law and is always responsive and ready and able to answer my questions and offer professional advice. I would highly recommend Allan Goldstein’s services” (L.B.)

“My name is Joseph Powers and I have been practicing Family Law for 13 years. I have worked with Allan Goldstein on numerous occasions, including a period of time when I worked from his offices. Not only is Allan very results oriented but his thoroughness and attention to detail has always been a clear advantage in all aspects of the cases that I have worked on with him. It has been my experience that Allan is very good at negotiating reasonable settlements that protect his client’s interests and which has the advantage of avoiding lengthy and costly court time. On the other hand, when negotiations are clearly not working, Allan’s organization and well prepared court materials make it efficient to bring the matter before a judge to get a decision in a timely manner. As someone that went through a very difficult divorce with quite serious custody, access and financial issues at stake, I wish that I had retained Allan’s services because I firmly believe that my own case would have been shorter, less difficult and less expensive. Frankly, if you are able to retain Allan’s services, I think you should count yourself as fortunate.” (J.P.)

“When I first met Allan I was just starting the divorce process. He put me at ease and was very helpful and blunt about how it would work. He was correct on all accounts and the process went smoothly. All issues were dealt with swiftly so that the process was complete in as short a time period as possible. This allowed me and my ex-spouse to continue working and have very little down time. The fees were reasonable compared to some of the other quotes that I received and Allan and his team were always available to answer any questions. Divorce is never an easy thing but having the right people help you with it makes it less painful. I highly recommend Allan and his group.” (D.I.) Toronto

“Ethical, compassionate, highly intelligent and very trustworthy describe Allan Goldstein and his legal team. At a time when I needed a champion to guard my interests, I was fortunate
enough to be referred to Allan. My divorce started as an amicable separation, but because of my ex-husbands decision to default in our agreement, it morphed into a 2 year legal battle.
Throughout this time Allan, Krista and Cheynere were my pillars of support, and aided me in understanding and dealing with not only the legal aspects of my case but also where my focus
in life was. Due to their personalities and incredible abilities they went beyond the call of duty and made me feel like a worthy human-being, at a time when explaining my situation to family
and friends felt like torture and always ended in me feeling miserable. My legal battle is now over with satisfying results. I highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of family law help.” (M.L.W.)

“Over the past year, Mr. Goldstein has handled several critical matters for me pertaining to spousal support, property issues and other family law matters. He is professional, thorough, straightforward and responsive. Allan has the ability to explain difficult legal concepts in a way that made it easier for me to determine my options and to make important decisions. I trust his work and have utmost confidence in his ethics. Allan and his staff are extremely professional and examined the specific needs of my case from every angle and possibility. As a result, I had a favourable and successful conclusion to my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Goldstein without hesitation to my friends and family.” (S.Q.)

“Allan helped me gain custody of my daughter. He was always very professional and yet down to earth. Allan helped me understand all the circumstances surrounding my case and did everything in his power to assist me. Allan helped me achieve my goal of obtaining custody of my daughter and was very reasonable with his fees. I would highly recommend him to others.” (R. B.)

“Going through a difficult divorce/custody case was less than pleasant. But Allan and his team were both professional and sensitive during this time. At no point in the process did I ever feel like I was not being listened to or being taken care of. Allan kept me going throughout this and his dedication was deeply appreciated.” (R.L.)

“Thank you so much for the support, advice and help you and your office gave me during a difficult time in my life (Living in shelter). I am delighted with the great news I got today at court and I am truly relieved that this episode of my life is all over. Thanks to you and everyone else in your office who worked on my case, for the professionalism and effort expended by you on my behalf. I am appreciative of the good results, and now that I am out of the shelter, I look forward to the beginning of my new life with my children.” (C.H.)

“I was very fortunate to find Allan through a referral. My case was complex. It was my decision to divorce and my ex-husband would not leave the house, refused to pay child support and was coming after me for spousal support (even though he was fully capable of working but was too lazy to do so). The first two things Allan asked me to do was to trust him and be patient – the case required creativity and a thorough approach. With Allan’s help, very soon my ex-husband was removed from the family home. We also proved that he was capable of working but chose not to do so (so I was off the hook for spousal support) and I had primary custody of my two beautiful children. I truly believe that without Allan, my fate would have been very different! Allan is a family man and loves his kids and I believe that this is what helps him to be so effective at what he does – he understands all sides and plays fair and always has the children’s best interest at heart.” (M.K.)

“I just want to thank you Allan, for the kindness you showed to me during my separation and subsequent divorce. I could not have expected someone as fair, compassionate and caring. I always felt that you kept your fees lower than others and I appreciated that. I will consider you a friend, always.” (E.H.)

“I recently retained Allan for some legal work. The professionalism, timliness, rates and service of him and his staff were outstanding. I would highly recommend Allan to anyone in need of legal representation.” (P.Q.)

“Allan Goldstein and his staff have provided my family with outstanding counsel and representation. Our issues and concerns were dealt with in a timely and comprehensive manner. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone in need of legal assistance.” (J.M.)

“I am a violence against women advocate and I work at a women’s shelter. I have referred many clients to Allan Goldstein, all with excellent results. Allan is very straight forward about what he can and cannot do for his clients. He always follows through with what he says and is very prompt about it. I know I can trust that the client’s best interests are being respected and attended to when they have Allan Goldstein as their lawyer. I have to include here that Allan has two incredible women that work with him named Krista and Kristina. They are always a delight to work with and I have an incredible amount of faith in them as well. I respect and admire the work that Allan does so much that when I needed a lawyer for some personal issues a few years ago, I did not even consider using another lawyer. I called Allan right away and said I needed help. He did not even hesitate and took me on as a client, again with excellent results. I would highly recommend Allan to anyone who requires legal assistance.” (T.B.)

“My wife and I were going through a pretty nasty divorce. We each had our own lawyer and we had each spent thousands of dollars on legal fees. We were 2 years into it with no end in sight. The lawyers were getting rich and our family was suffering. Then a co-worker of mine referred me to Allan Goldstein for mediation. The case was over in just a few hours! Allan was knowledgeable, understanding and trustworthy. My wife and I want to thank Allan Goldstein for helping us complete our divorce and move on with our lives.” (W.J.)

“I was very pleased with the way Allan handled my spousal support case. He was professional, thorough and efficient. He listened well and made good suggestions. He cared about me and my case and I never felt that he was too busy for me. With Allan’s assistance, the matter ended just as I had hoped. I appreciated Allan’s assistance and would definitely recommend him and his firm to anyone in need of legal assistance.” (M.S.)

“I would like to thank Mr. Allan Goldstein for helping me throughout my family law case. I had an excellent experience and wouldn’t hesitate to go back if I have any problems in the future. I also loved your strategies and professionalism. You’ve worked so hard for my best interests and you succeeded. I would definitely recommend you to all of the people I know that need help. Also, I would like to thank Krista (Law Clerk) for everything that she has done. She explained everything and made sure that I understood it all. Again, you were professional and friendly. It was really nice knowing you guys. I feel more confident now knowing that I have a law firm that actually knows what they’re doing. Thanks so much for everything!” (J.G.)

“Allan Goldstein recently provided me with legal advice and counsel with respect to a matrimonial matter. I chose Mr. Goldstein to represent me because of his reputation as a dedicated Family Law Lawyer with a proven track record. Mr.Goldstein and his knowledgeable staff provided me with an understanding of my rights under the law and the guidance necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for me and my family, considering all of the circumstances. I highly recommend Mr. Goldstein to anyone that needs to understand their rights under Family Law as well as anyone requiring excellent representation with respect to matrimonial concerns.” (D.G.)

“I simply wanted to say thank you. Thank you for standing up for me, looking out for my best interests, even when I wasn’t making rational choices. You were the voice of reason when nothing seemed very reasonable. Throughout the process of my separation you were always straight to the point and nothing was ever missed. Going forward, I am confident all future matters are considered which gives me tremendous piece of mind. With a closing of a house, and a newborn close to being born, you worked diligently to get things completed in time. Today we are moving, and having the baby next week in our new home. This is a new beginning for us and this wouldn’t have come to pass on time without your efforts. A lot was at stake, and it was a learning curve for me to trust that someone could do this. My only regret is not knowing of you from the beginning of the process however we were introduced through a client at a time when negotiations were critical so I am thankful for that. Allan, as most of your clients may tell you, I hope I never have to work with you again, but it has been great working with you, and my newly expanded family thank you. I have tremendous respect for you.” (R.A.)

“I want to express my sincere thanks to Allan Goldstein for his sensational work on my behalf. It is my distinct pleasure to recommend his services. He was a brilliant advocate in helping to successfully resolve my legal case, and he made a special effort to keep my costs as low as possible. When my ex-husband returned to Canada after a 10 year absence to contest child support and access issues, this brought about a highly emotional and stressful period for me. The strain on both my health and finances was quite extreme. Allan worked swiftly and confidently to resolve my case in very timely manner, obtaining a final judgment in my favour, as well as convincing the court to award a large part of the legal costs that I had paid. I am profoundly grateful to him for his services, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of legal services.” (M.C.)

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help. I’ve heard lawyers are a hit or miss but I hit the jackpot when I found you. You were generous, kind and sympathetic to my case even though you see them time and time again. You were very honest with me from the beginning and told me what to expect positive or negative. You were very fair when it came to arranging payment arrangements which helped a lot. Your being straight forward and truthful meant there were no surprises whenever we ended up in court. Your assistants where wonderful and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend your law office to anyone having to go through a divorce or family litigation.” (R.B.)

“I first sought Allan Goldstein for a second opinion regarding a year-long custody and property battle that I had been fighting with my ex common law husband. While Allan’s opinion was not entirely one that I wanted to hear, I instantly recognized the quality difference between he and my then-lawyer. While initially a bit of a step back in terms of cost and timing, making the switch to Allan was the best decision I could have made. Allan was very straightforward and honest, which was especially important when my actions were not in my best interests, but also compassionate and quick with a kind word when I needed it. Allan not only got me the legal results that I wanted, he helped me to find the voice that I had not had for a very very long time.” (S.S.)

“I highly recommend Allan for family law issues! He was very knowledgeable and had a personal approach that most lawyers seem to forget about. He is not there to waste your time or money, but rather to give you the most professional advice you can get. He was there for me throughout my separation process up until my divorce and I have nothing but good words to say about him and his staff! When you reach a point in which you need a family lawyer – you need the best! And he is definitely the best!” (J.C.)

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