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When to Consider Toronto Family Lawyers

When your family is beginning to dissolve, it is best to seek the counsel of a Toronto family lawyer. They are the ones that will help walk you through the process, and make sure that it is done as quickly as possible. Family lawyers can handle several aspects, past the simple separation, of the divorce, and can help the separation be done in a civil manner.


One of the biggest reasons to take your case to a Toronto family lawyer is to get aid with custody agreements. The custody is not only about who gets to raise the children, but how often visitation occurs and about how they will be raised. This includes making school and religious decisions. While occasionally the parents are in agreement regarding the children, oftentimes a lawyer needs to help mediate the decisions.

Child Support

Following a divorce, the children must still be supported. A judge will evaluate how much each parent makes, and how many dependents will be in each parent’s care. However, there are occasionally expenses or situations that are not mentioned during the support hearing. A Toronto family lawyer will be willing to listen to the needs and make sure that the judge considers them when setting the amounts.

Spousal Support

Living with another adult for several years allows a certain lifestyle to become normal. This may include the wife staying home while the husband works, or the wife only working a part-time job while the husband is the breadwinner. When the separation takes place, it can be difficult to suddenly get a job and be able to pay all of the bills. Lawyers will then be able to help figure out what support should be paid to make sure that all of the bills are covered until one is able to find a job.


Division of Property

The final aspect where Toronto family lawyers are beneficial is when it comes to dividing the property between two people. Any property or money that was obtained during the marriage is the equally owned by both partners. This is true even if the wife did not work. Making sure that everything is divided equally will help the divorce be more civil, and fewer disputes to occur later.

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